MFL Sports Ambassador Katie Brennan Pre-Season Update

20/12/2017 01:00AM

Hi Guys,


We are officially back into the swing of preseason for AFLW 2.0 and I couldn’t be happier to be back! The Bulldogs have drafted incredibly well, we have a refreshing game plan and a fire in our belly to make something of 2018 after a disappointing season this year. Individually I am feeling fitter than ever and have worked incredibly hard over the last 12 months to get back to full strength and to be injury free. I’d love to take you on a little journey of our preseason so far!


We hit the track running just over a month ago with 3 sessions per week at the club and a few external weights and recovery sessions. Across the board we are stronger, fitter and have really worked hard on our team culture and relationships which has really set a strong foundation to build from. We had our preseason camp which consisted of deep reflection, vulnerability and setting our core team values. This was completely different to the military style boot camp we experienced last year, however I found it to be equally, if not more rewarding and beneficial for our group. On the track we have shifted our focus to executing game plans and structures now we have the fitness and conditioning base – its always more fun to have a footy in your hands!


We will break over Christmas with a few sessions to complete before we are back for 4 more weeks of pre season including a practice match against Carlton then Round 1. We kick off the season with a twilight Sunday arvo game at Whitten Oval against Freo this year again and we are looking forward to putting all of our hard work to the test.


Personally, I have learnt many lessons over the last 12 months that have helped me develop as a footballer and as a person. Injuries, setbacks and hardships are inevitable in life and it’s all about how you can respond and what positives you can take from these situations. What helped me through was regular meditation, goal setting and a growth mindset. These practices are all staples in my day now and I feel as if I couldn’t operate without them. If you’re working through a challenge – give them a shot.


Each month I will give a health and fitness tip also. Here’s one for December as we approach the silly season. Lets talk presence around food and alcohol consumption. Of course the holiday period is the time to let your hair down but also be aware that the more you do this the more you will have to deal with this when we are all back on board the fitness train in January. Try to make measured decisions around your portion sizes (energy in) and also how much exercise (energy out) you are doing. I find this easier if I write it down in your phone app (My Fitness Pal) as it makes you more accountable and helps with positive decisions.


Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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